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2012-01-07 04:39 pm
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is so addictive D: I´ve been resisting it for a year now but alas, couldn't keep away ahah

for anyone interested: AnEmbrace
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2011-05-06 10:13 am
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One step up Brazil!

So Brazil's congress voted for an awesome thing and it was approved: marriage between gay people is now allowed! They'll push for equality in evey sense now!

I'm really proud of this :D
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2011-01-07 04:29 pm
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So baaack!

My epic saga around Africa (riiight), is almost coming to an end D:

Staying these past 6 month in South Africa was AWESOME (except, for, you know, internet). Now I am just waiting for my Cambridge result to really close that part of my life. There I traveled around, made new friends and added a lot more on facebook, had fun, shopped, went clubbing, didn't have my love romance and had a lot of stress because of my brother. A little down side was that internet in Cape Town is awful, so I lost touch with fandom - in the lurking sense as well.

Now I am in Angola, Luanda, visiting my parents. I am here until the end of the month and I do NOTHING, seriously. I try to go to the gym but eh. And I am also catching up with fandom. And oh, how much love do I have for it!

❤: INCEPTION, The Social Network, Hawaii 5-0, INCEPTIONINCEPTIONINCEPTION. Generation Kill (late, but so much love *_*) and Sherlock (BBC). All of it is so so so awesome and the fics and the meta and the artwork *____* I do love fandom. And lurking.

I'll try to keep this journal alive, because I feel I ough to reach more. So I changed layout \o/! And did a profile one :D And am commenting more, for reals.

Maybe I'll try the scrapbook. mmm

ohhh and you know whats awesome and warms my heart? [ profile] hd_bigbang Harry/Draco will be forever my OTP, so I can't wait for september!
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2010-09-03 07:20 pm

Writers: UNITE!

So, long time no see!

Cape Town is a wonderful city, but alas, not so great in the internet area. That's why I went missing.

But, on good news! I want to advertise something that is bringing me back memories. My friend, from the time I knew nothing about english and still struggled to understand what was happening in the fandom, Chette, became a published author and in her kindness and excitement,  is inviting all writer's to share their love in the form of small stories to be published for the First Anniversary of the publisher *___*.

For more information: Light Crystal Publishing. Please check it out~
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2010-06-09 11:21 am
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- Leave a comment saying "BOOM!" - I'll respond by asking you five questions to satisfy my curiosity.
- Update your journal with the answers to your questions.
- Include this explanation and offer to ask other people questions.

[ profile] danybel asked;

1.- what's the first anime you remember watching?
The first ever was Dragon Ball, but the first one that I knew was anime was Pokemon.

2.- what's the best food you've ever had?
I love food, but my mom's the best so far xD

3.- if you had to choose between a life of freedom alone or a life of imprisonment with some you love, which would it be?

Freedom alone, because I might love the person, but that person might hate me. And besides, freedom is freedom. /HARD

4.- which song are you embarrassed to say you like?
haha can't think of one right now.

5.- what's better, strawberry milk or chocolate milk?
CHOCOLATE MILK! *___* Better if it's hot chocolate milk~ ahh

Besides that; leaving to Cape Town on friday to do an english course. Don't know how I'll manage without my parents (yeah, first time leaving the nest), even if my brother is coming along.

Alsooo..WORLD CUP *______* I really hope BRASIL, with it's new team, manages to get past the first round. Let's pray.
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2010-01-29 12:50 am


These past months;

1. Supernatural return? yes, please.
2. Glee? April isn't coming fast enough.
3. Passing my semester with good grades? Thank god.
4. Discovering friendship again? Yay.
5. Moving? It could have come earlier.
6. Forgetting an one-sided crush? Thank you.
7. Having ideas to write again? Let's see how it goes.
8. Exercises? I neeeeeed to.
9. Realizing that this year I'm 20? Soo no cool.
10. Starting the year with my family? Please, keep it coming.

So, how was New Year? And Christmas? I've been missing haah

I feel that 2010 will be the year that I'll get over all the things that I didn't do. So cheer me on :D

I'm on vacations right now and I might stay that way until July. My dad was transferred to Africa and I'm going. I'm going to try doing some courses in Cape Town U or idk, try something there. It won't be for long, but I jut want to be there. We are going after Carnaval. And I know this year I'll enjoy it to the limit.

How are you guys?
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2009-11-20 04:20 pm



This semester is killing me! I thought I would manage some organization when I entered university, but shiiit, there is so much to do and so little time!

On the side;
.1 Supernatural season 5? WIN. Castil = ♥ (Not the hiatus, though)
.2 Criminal Minds = love. Dr. Reid = lovelove.
.3 Teaching english classes = really tiring. But I'm loving the experience.
.4 m/m is consuming my soul. After QAF, nothing was the same.
.5 In real need of vacations, seriously.
.6 Ebooks sometimes saves the day as well. Along with fanfics.
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2009-09-12 04:42 pm

No excuses, no apologies, no regrets



more like I <3 B.Kinney and the Brian/Justin relationship so much it pains me. And I'm still a little depressed over the end.

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2009-06-07 10:39 am
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Is it July yet ;_;?

So, The Demon's Lexicon is out and there is a feast of awesome going over at [ profile] marmalade_fish and I can't join because my copy is due sometime in July! It's frustrating because I want to read the spoiler so I can comment but I won't because I want to be really awed.

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2009-05-20 05:04 pm
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Happy bday Izzyness!

Dear [ profile] sumairu ,
It's been 5,6 years since we have known eachother? Your are from a time that's very dear to my heart; the beggining of fandom, blogs, Sakura Card Captors sites, lol-of-msn, my first real english talks...I'm really glad that I got to know you and your cheerfulness. Your kind soul has always made me smile, knowing that you could still maintain peace and rational thoughts confronted with life.

Thank you for the friendship, S+S moments, FMA, pseudo-yaoi talks, blog-world, trying to get me into NEWS(& all there is for Ryo) and just being yourself. I wish, from the bottom of my little heart a very


I hope your day is filled with more sweets and food that has you squealing, Massu-dreams, a good shift at work, peace, many hours spent with people you care and everything that makes the heart go doki-doki with happiness.

<3 always, Manu

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2009-03-26 03:04 pm
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Ain't goin' nowhere...

So...Did I tell you guys I passed my university entrance exam? Well I did it :D! And it's awesome. I started university march the second and I already want vacations, lol. I'm reading lots and lots of stuff. Mainly literature because this semesters it's full with those courses. Not that I don't like, but I get so nervous just thinking about the exams that I know I'll have a hard time doing because I don't really know how to analyze epic works. ahah But it's fun! I'm taking Latin as well and it's awesome *_* I'll apply for french next semester and I was thinking of taking italian. I just hope I get around it all. And when third semester comes, I'll proudly say I'll be majoring in translation.

The people are nice and very different. I guess I'll be getting around my shell. I've already been to parties, got annoyed by teachers, made new friends and really know that I don't know a thing. I guess I was so full of myself for entering that I didn't realize the blow it would be. My ego can't take when my classmates are better than me. Even in english, which I thought I was made of awesome. But I guess that it's ok. I don't mind filling the spaces on education. And my classmates are nice, so I'll let things flow.

On a sided note. I have been obsessing with YA books. It started innocently enough with [ profile] sarahtales The Demon's Lexicon and now that I've officially watched the [ profile] debut2009 , I can't seem to stop the need for those books! And it's annoying because I can't keep asking my dad for money to buy books, because my university has a pretty cool library. I know I dramatize more than it's worth, but I doubt he'd allow me to buy all those books. And I can't help myself if I want [ profile] maderr printed stuff! Now that I know there will be a sequel of sorts to Prisoner, I don't know how I'll manage to get my hands on that. It's been so hard to find anything good tor read that's frustrating (and I won't even start on the dusted Hamlet waiting for me).

Also on [ profile] debut2009 , [ profile] cyn2write is giving away her book entitled FAIRY TALE. And I so want it *_*. I know I'm not good with those lucky random drawing, but it's still worth it because spreading good books to read its awesome. The first thing that got my attention about the book was the cover. So yes, I judge a book by it's cover. But you got to admit that it's so pretty and grabs your attention in a second (there's a butterfly! What else could be more awesome? Soubi's butterfly in Loveless?). And fairy. And romance. And once upon a time. AND, hopefully, happy ending! So go and join the contest!

I'll come back with more. Positive thinking for you all ♥!
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2009-02-27 11:08 pm
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Happy Bday Ticchan!

I could never sum the words to express how much I adore Tinze. It's because of you that I am still here <3

I wish you all the joys the world has to offer. Plenty of NC-17 stuff now that you are legal in Philippines xD Thanks so, so much for all those memories. I might be afar, but I'm still here. \o/ Thank you for the friendship, the yaoi, the ex-hosting, those emails, the fandoms, the want to hug you tight, for being here and being what you are.

ILU. Plenty of years ahead,
from the one that adores you so, manucchin

[ profile] tinzedesu [ profile] tinzedesu [ profile] tinzedesu [info]tinzedesu [ profile] tinzedesu [ profile] tinzedesu [info]tinzedesu [ profile] tinzedesu [ profile] tinzedesu
[ profile] tinzedesu [ profile] tinzedesu [ profile] tinzedesu [info]tinzedesu [ profile] tinzedesu [ profile] tinzedesu [info]tinzedesu [ profile] tinzedesu

ps; really lame (where did my photoshop skills go? what skills?), but...a little something here. <3
ps2; here it's still the 27!
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2009-01-23 11:03 pm
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So, hi

lol I feel silly posting here.

I had plans on posting about christmas and new year and my vacation but the motivation stops me.

I've been lurking and doing positive thinking for my f-list and I hope things turn out well for some of them..

Maybe when I feel better I'll come back and make a real post haha but I'll return on what I do best; commenting on friend's entry. It'll be enough ;D

until then,
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2008-11-17 11:36 am
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The Demon's Lexicon

It's amazing. You guys must order it! (And maybe mine too?)

For more info, you can go to  [ profile] marmalade_fish or to Sarah Rees Brennan official page.
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2008-09-24 02:42 pm

On life

Now that I'm 18, I can;

1. Visit all those fanfic achieves that had pron slash;
2. Start looking for a job;
3. Get a tattoo;
4. Finally start my driving lessons;

It seems that I'm forgetting something buut, those 4 are enough for now xD

On a sided note, my entry on Intoxicated Designs is up! Go read if you are interested. I must say, now that the contest is over, I got my inspiration and I couldn't believe it. I thought so many other scenarios for the original fiction. Sigh. I haven't read the others fiction, but I guess mine wasn't the best. Maybe next time.

On that note, I've been reading original slash fiction on and I can't believe I missed some good fiction over there. And I recently found [ profile] maderr works - so I'll only say they are amazing. My favorites are Prisoner, Always there and Sandstorm (@ Amasour).

Not on that note...I'm part of a fansub doing yaoi translation (english/portuguese) and while I love the mangas I translate, it's becoming annoying how different those languages are, specially when we are talking about those sounds. But I still like it. lol

And now that we are there...I'm not trying for Law U again. I did some thinking and I guess I got side tracked on my goals and I was thinking stuff that I though where my own when they were actually people saying to me, expecting things from me. Not that Law doesn't sound appealing, I guess I'll wait until I'm more mature to take such course. So now I'm trying for Languages. Here, it's like...a joke. People who does Languages end up being a teacher and here that is a nono because the pay isn't good. But I want to do professional translation and do my own writing, so then that's the path. If I end up wrong, I'm still young to try other things...

On a sided note totally off the tangent, where is the Jay/Charles in Honeysyn ;___;? Not that it isn't amazing buut I guess I need more patience. Sigh.

Ohh! And JUNJOU comes out on October! *___*

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2008-09-13 10:35 pm
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I really need to stop torturing myself.


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2008-08-30 10:15 pm
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Tagged by [ profile] tinzedesu ~

Hey, [ profile] introject you bday gift is coming! lol forgive me!
Na [info]sumairu I hope everything is alright! cheers!
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2008-08-01 09:43 pm
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2008-07-11 11:16 am
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I really want my own money, but Brazilian law states that underages can't work (the paying type). And that one is a big problem. You either need to have a family business to work or enslave yourself for less than 100USD (and maybe that would be enough but they don't hire inexperienced or students or underages). Not that my parents doesn't buy what I ask for..But I know I will be denied if I want to buy stuff that they consider silly things.

Take [profile] lemontreeparade campaign, or HoneySyn vol1 (PREORDERS ARE UNTIL THE 15TH!! NO - I WANT!) or these KHR! goodies. My family wouldn't understand the need for them. And it pisses me off. I need my money! Sigh.

Intoxicated Designs contest (JOIN!) has been extended 'till August and I really want to improve the crappy original one-shot, but motivation won't appear. And I need a beta for it. Shit. If someone would so kindly push me in the right direction?