So baaack!

Jan. 7th, 2011 04:29 pm
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My epic saga around Africa (riiight), is almost coming to an end D:

Staying these past 6 month in South Africa was AWESOME (except, for, you know, internet). Now I am just waiting for my Cambridge result to really close that part of my life. There I traveled around, made new friends and added a lot more on facebook, had fun, shopped, went clubbing, didn't have my love romance and had a lot of stress because of my brother. A little down side was that internet in Cape Town is awful, so I lost touch with fandom - in the lurking sense as well.

Now I am in Angola, Luanda, visiting my parents. I am here until the end of the month and I do NOTHING, seriously. I try to go to the gym but eh. And I am also catching up with fandom. And oh, how much love do I have for it!

❤: INCEPTION, The Social Network, Hawaii 5-0, INCEPTIONINCEPTIONINCEPTION. Generation Kill (late, but so much love *_*) and Sherlock (BBC). All of it is so so so awesome and the fics and the meta and the artwork *____* I do love fandom. And lurking.

I'll try to keep this journal alive, because I feel I ough to reach more. So I changed layout \o/! And did a profile one :D And am commenting more, for reals.

Maybe I'll try the scrapbook. mmm

ohhh and you know whats awesome and warms my heart? [ profile] hd_bigbang Harry/Draco will be forever my OTP, so I can't wait for september!


Jan. 29th, 2010 12:50 am
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These past months;

1. Supernatural return? yes, please.
2. Glee? April isn't coming fast enough.
3. Passing my semester with good grades? Thank god.
4. Discovering friendship again? Yay.
5. Moving? It could have come earlier.
6. Forgetting an one-sided crush? Thank you.
7. Having ideas to write again? Let's see how it goes.
8. Exercises? I neeeeeed to.
9. Realizing that this year I'm 20? Soo no cool.
10. Starting the year with my family? Please, keep it coming.

So, how was New Year? And Christmas? I've been missing haah

I feel that 2010 will be the year that I'll get over all the things that I didn't do. So cheer me on :D

I'm on vacations right now and I might stay that way until July. My dad was transferred to Africa and I'm going. I'm going to try doing some courses in Cape Town U or idk, try something there. It won't be for long, but I jut want to be there. We are going after Carnaval. And I know this year I'll enjoy it to the limit.

How are you guys?


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