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Dear [ profile] sumairu ,
It's been 5,6 years since we have known eachother? Your are from a time that's very dear to my heart; the beggining of fandom, blogs, Sakura Card Captors sites, lol-of-msn, my first real english talks...I'm really glad that I got to know you and your cheerfulness. Your kind soul has always made me smile, knowing that you could still maintain peace and rational thoughts confronted with life.

Thank you for the friendship, S+S moments, FMA, pseudo-yaoi talks, blog-world, trying to get me into NEWS(& all there is for Ryo) and just being yourself. I wish, from the bottom of my little heart a very


I hope your day is filled with more sweets and food that has you squealing, Massu-dreams, a good shift at work, peace, many hours spent with people you care and everything that makes the heart go doki-doki with happiness.

<3 always, Manu

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I could never sum the words to express how much I adore Tinze. It's because of you that I am still here <3

I wish you all the joys the world has to offer. Plenty of NC-17 stuff now that you are legal in Philippines xD Thanks so, so much for all those memories. I might be afar, but I'm still here. \o/ Thank you for the friendship, the yaoi, the ex-hosting, those emails, the fandoms, the want to hug you tight, for being here and being what you are.

ILU. Plenty of years ahead,
from the one that adores you so, manucchin

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ps; really lame (where did my photoshop skills go? what skills?), but...a little something here. <3
ps2; here it's still the 27!

On life

Sep. 24th, 2008 02:42 pm
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Now that I'm 18, I can;

1. Visit all those fanfic achieves that had pron slash;
2. Start looking for a job;
3. Get a tattoo;
4. Finally start my driving lessons;

It seems that I'm forgetting something buut, those 4 are enough for now xD

On a sided note, my entry on Intoxicated Designs is up! Go read if you are interested. I must say, now that the contest is over, I got my inspiration and I couldn't believe it. I thought so many other scenarios for the original fiction. Sigh. I haven't read the others fiction, but I guess mine wasn't the best. Maybe next time.

On that note, I've been reading original slash fiction on and I can't believe I missed some good fiction over there. And I recently found [ profile] maderr works - so I'll only say they are amazing. My favorites are Prisoner, Always there and Sandstorm (@ Amasour).

Not on that note...I'm part of a fansub doing yaoi translation (english/portuguese) and while I love the mangas I translate, it's becoming annoying how different those languages are, specially when we are talking about those sounds. But I still like it. lol

And now that we are there...I'm not trying for Law U again. I did some thinking and I guess I got side tracked on my goals and I was thinking stuff that I though where my own when they were actually people saying to me, expecting things from me. Not that Law doesn't sound appealing, I guess I'll wait until I'm more mature to take such course. So now I'm trying for Languages. Here, it's like...a joke. People who does Languages end up being a teacher and here that is a nono because the pay isn't good. But I want to do professional translation and do my own writing, so then that's the path. If I end up wrong, I'm still young to try other things...

On a sided note totally off the tangent, where is the Jay/Charles in Honeysyn ;___;? Not that it isn't amazing buut I guess I need more patience. Sigh.

Ohh! And JUNJOU comes out on October! *___*

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[personal profile] sumairu!!  


I wish you the best! This must be the lamest gift you'll receive for your 19th birthday - I'll definetly buy you something next year, or christmas! You won't believe what I found while looking for this image!
Syaoran Bear's Corner! Remember this? lol it's been a while for this fandom, hu? It's been 3+ years that I've known you ('cause you know, that's the amount of time I've been stalking you and your SCC shrine), and I can happily say that I ♥ you and our friendship very much!


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