So baaack!

Jan. 7th, 2011 04:29 pm
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My epic saga around Africa (riiight), is almost coming to an end D:

Staying these past 6 month in South Africa was AWESOME (except, for, you know, internet). Now I am just waiting for my Cambridge result to really close that part of my life. There I traveled around, made new friends and added a lot more on facebook, had fun, shopped, went clubbing, didn't have my love romance and had a lot of stress because of my brother. A little down side was that internet in Cape Town is awful, so I lost touch with fandom - in the lurking sense as well.

Now I am in Angola, Luanda, visiting my parents. I am here until the end of the month and I do NOTHING, seriously. I try to go to the gym but eh. And I am also catching up with fandom. And oh, how much love do I have for it!

❤: INCEPTION, The Social Network, Hawaii 5-0, INCEPTIONINCEPTIONINCEPTION. Generation Kill (late, but so much love *_*) and Sherlock (BBC). All of it is so so so awesome and the fics and the meta and the artwork *____* I do love fandom. And lurking.

I'll try to keep this journal alive, because I feel I ough to reach more. So I changed layout \o/! And did a profile one :D And am commenting more, for reals.

Maybe I'll try the scrapbook. mmm

ohhh and you know whats awesome and warms my heart? [ profile] hd_bigbang Harry/Draco will be forever my OTP, so I can't wait for september!


Jun. 24th, 2008 05:31 pm
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What I really loved about Kingdom Hearts (besides Riku)  was the legend of the paopu (and at that time I didn't even looked at the yaoi undertone that was Riku/Sora). And some years ago when I found I couldn't contain my squeal - the name of the domain was so special that I kept stalking the site. I mean, the name was something I appreciated in the game and the webmistress like Riku as well, so what was there not to love? Some time ago, I stopped because I wanted to return when Riku Project was done and when I looked for it today I found that had changed. Lol I know it shouldn't be of my concern but I really loved the sound of the domain name and I loved to see her layouts (not that I won't see them on the new domain)... I love when sites managed to have the paopu portraited on the layout (like Protege-moi network) and it was even better when Riku and Sora appeared. Note to self; design something with them.

On another topic, fanfics like Pet Project should be illegal. I mean, it's Hermione/Serverus - the same Hermione that belongs to Ron and the Serverus that belongs to Harry(/Remus/Sirius/Lucius?). The fanfic is amazing and addictive and should be banned. I wish I didn't find it because I can't wait to read more. You guys go and read it. Forget that Hermione belongs to Ron, or that there is no relation to book 6/7, and all that. Snape is so IC that you will scream when you reach the last update, the plot is so well done that you will want to burn your original book, you will also want to hug Ron to death and kick Harry to the next world, and you will also see Snape in a different light if you had a dislike for him (and you'll start to approve of S.N.O.R.T). The only downside is that you'll need to suffer with the rest of the fanatics until it's updated. But it's so worth it! That done: read it.


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