Jul. 11th, 2008 11:16 am
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I really want my own money, but Brazilian law states that underages can't work (the paying type). And that one is a big problem. You either need to have a family business to work or enslave yourself for less than 100USD (and maybe that would be enough but they don't hire inexperienced or students or underages). Not that my parents doesn't buy what I ask for..But I know I will be denied if I want to buy stuff that they consider silly things.

Take [profile] lemontreeparade campaign, or HoneySyn vol1 (PREORDERS ARE UNTIL THE 15TH!! NO - I WANT!) or these KHR! goodies. My family wouldn't understand the need for them. And it pisses me off. I need my money! Sigh.

Intoxicated Designs contest (JOIN!) has been extended 'till August and I really want to improve the crappy original one-shot, but motivation won't appear. And I need a beta for it. Shit. If someone would so kindly push me in the right direction?
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I wish you the best! This must be the lamest gift you'll receive for your 19th birthday - I'll definetly buy you something next year, or christmas! You won't believe what I found while looking for this image!
Syaoran Bear's Corner! Remember this? lol it's been a while for this fandom, hu? It's been 3+ years that I've known you ('cause you know, that's the amount of time I've been stalking you and your SCC shrine), and I can happily say that I ♥ you and our friendship very much!

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Right, so the grand opening of this lj! Thanks so much for the awesome [personal profile] tinzedesu  , for the support and incentive to post this up! Heart you so. I might want to warn that this will be mostly rants, because my life is a little dull right now ;D.

On the rant topic...My husband must be Ryo (NEWS/kanjani8) must have Ryo's sexy smile. When I first saw him in a PV I was amazed with his smile and so that begins my fangirl moments every time I saw him. When [personal profile] tinzedesu   had a layout with him I couldn't stop the drool because it's so sexy and awesome and cute *sigh*. The thing is, I don't know much of NEWS/JE-fandom (lol some people are converting me) but yeah, I'd turn into a avid listener just to hear his voice and watch him on the pvs..

Maybe I'll find someone with his smile? Seeing I can't have him, I must find a double.

The layout was coded by awesome Ticchan. It's amazing how she understands the complex lj coding. Featuring Katekyo Hitman Reborn! the crackiest animanga ever. You must read it. Thanks so much, Ticchan - you are made of awesome.

[personal profile] tinzedesu  [personal profile] tinzedesu  [personal profile] tinzedesu 

Just cause you are my love. Thanks again.


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