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So...Did I tell you guys I passed my university entrance exam? Well I did it :D! And it's awesome. I started university march the second and I already want vacations, lol. I'm reading lots and lots of stuff. Mainly literature because this semesters it's full with those courses. Not that I don't like, but I get so nervous just thinking about the exams that I know I'll have a hard time doing because I don't really know how to analyze epic works. ahah But it's fun! I'm taking Latin as well and it's awesome *_* I'll apply for french next semester and I was thinking of taking italian. I just hope I get around it all. And when third semester comes, I'll proudly say I'll be majoring in translation.

The people are nice and very different. I guess I'll be getting around my shell. I've already been to parties, got annoyed by teachers, made new friends and really know that I don't know a thing. I guess I was so full of myself for entering that I didn't realize the blow it would be. My ego can't take when my classmates are better than me. Even in english, which I thought I was made of awesome. But I guess that it's ok. I don't mind filling the spaces on education. And my classmates are nice, so I'll let things flow.

On a sided note. I have been obsessing with YA books. It started innocently enough with [ profile] sarahtales The Demon's Lexicon and now that I've officially watched the [ profile] debut2009 , I can't seem to stop the need for those books! And it's annoying because I can't keep asking my dad for money to buy books, because my university has a pretty cool library. I know I dramatize more than it's worth, but I doubt he'd allow me to buy all those books. And I can't help myself if I want [ profile] maderr printed stuff! Now that I know there will be a sequel of sorts to Prisoner, I don't know how I'll manage to get my hands on that. It's been so hard to find anything good tor read that's frustrating (and I won't even start on the dusted Hamlet waiting for me).

Also on [ profile] debut2009 , [ profile] cyn2write is giving away her book entitled FAIRY TALE. And I so want it *_*. I know I'm not good with those lucky random drawing, but it's still worth it because spreading good books to read its awesome. The first thing that got my attention about the book was the cover. So yes, I judge a book by it's cover. But you got to admit that it's so pretty and grabs your attention in a second (there's a butterfly! What else could be more awesome? Soubi's butterfly in Loveless?). And fairy. And romance. And once upon a time. AND, hopefully, happy ending! So go and join the contest!

I'll come back with more. Positive thinking for you all ♥!
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