Jul. 1st, 2008 02:45 pm
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I was browsing around and found myself in a hosting page and it suddenly felt so nostalgic. LJ is awesome (besides the headache of not knowing how to code a layout) but suddenly I really want to have my blog back with the affiliates and the layout and the random day-to-day posts. I know LJ is just like that, but I guess I feel more comfortable on domain? lol now that's a thing to ponder..The blogging community is no more. And my life is not something people would want to read...Maybe I'll have a writting/blogging thing. What am I doing? *sigh*

That aside did you guys know Inu-yasha is finally over? I stopped around vol20 but couldn't help myself and read the last chapter - and I'm really glad that I stopped. It was awesome to read about youkais, shikon-no-tama, dead souls, etc but it would have been better if the thing didn't go on forever. Is there someone who still reads it?

Tomorrow I'm starting my 2h of math tutoring. I can't believe it. I would have liked to keep 'tutoring' out of my life (along with math), but I better get around it because I really need the math points on the university exam. Damn ;__;. I really don't like to ask for people for help (my ego won't allow it).
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I wish you the best! This must be the lamest gift you'll receive for your 19th birthday - I'll definetly buy you something next year, or christmas! You won't believe what I found while looking for this image!
Syaoran Bear's Corner! Remember this? lol it's been a while for this fandom, hu? It's been 3+ years that I've known you ('cause you know, that's the amount of time I've been stalking you and your SCC shrine), and I can happily say that I ♥ you and our friendship very much!


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